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About Me:

Yeah, my featured user profile is a bit outdated.
Check out high school (not many pictures of school, actually so false)
through the eyes of a 17 year old (FALSE I'm 18 now) Nevada, US native. (True)
She's politically active, (false)
funny, (sometimes)
has a great eye, (that's a lie)
and a sharp wit. (like a razor)
Her three siblings are in college, (completely false)
so she's fending for herself in her small town (true)
--go cheer her on. (thanks if you do! but I'm not around too much... sorry. I do love meeting new friends though, so feel free to come chill over here. :D)

ALSO, if you're interested, check out myspace because it rocks more than el Jay does... Haha.

Um, I live in Chile now,, check it out.
Easiest way to find me is facebook.


Whole bunch of stuff!