Sooo, I tried, I really tried, to post the two hundredth comment on your page. I truely did, but this crazy new Buzz that we're…
noodlemantra Mar 09, 2006

Still feel bad

Buzz abandonment makes me sad. I don't like that I don't have time to post on here all the time like I used to. It's…
noodlemantra Dec 01, 2005

All about S-K-O-O-L

School is taking over my life. Seriously. I feel bad for not being around here.I have class on Saturdays, that's just not right. Then on…
noodlemantra Sep 16, 2005

OH SHIT! Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist DIED!!!! OHHNOOOO! This is bad and scary!
noodlemantra Sep 03, 2005

FYI Back in NV

I'm back at home... I'll start uploading pictures soon. Very soon. Washington DC was incredible. I love and miss it so much.
noodlemantra Aug 09, 2005

Research Paper!

Presidential Manipulation of Public Opinion in the Modern Presidency It's a ton of fun. Wow. I thought you guys should know. I'm going back to Nevada…
noodlemantra Aug 05, 2005

Hey guys! What's up?

I miss posting excessively on Buzznet now that I'm at Georgetown. It's so much fun here, but I don't exactly have ready internet access. Right…
noodlemantra Jul 24, 2005
My alter-ego, Maxpic
noodlemantra Mar 18, 2005
My dog wants steakpic

My dog wants steak

The dusty nose is what makes it.
noodlemantra Feb 25, 2004
Pinky Puppypic
noodlemantra Feb 25, 2004
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About Me:

Yeah, my featured user profile is a bit outdated.
Check out high school (not many pictures of school, actually so false)
through the eyes of a 17 year old (FALSE I'm 18 now) Nevada, US native. (True)
She's politically active, (false)
funny, (sometimes)
has a great eye, (that's a lie)
and a sharp wit. (like a razor)
Her three siblings are in college, (completely false)
so she's fending for herself in her small town (true)
--go cheer her on. (thanks if you do! but I'm not around too much... sorry. I do love meeting new friends though, so feel free to come chill over here. :D)

ALSO, if you're interested, check out myspace because it rocks more than el Jay does... Haha.

Um, I live in Chile now,, check it out.
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